PF Black Card®
Membership Perks

The PF Black Card® is the membership that loads you with awesome benefits. You can get access to any of our 2000+ locations worldwide, bring a guest every time you work out, use our massage chairs, hydromassage, tanning and more. We even throw in 1/2 priced water. It’s our best deal!

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Black Card Spa

Relax and unwind after your workout in the Planet Fitness Black Card Spa, featuring state-of-the-art massage equipment,
weekly private spray tanning & Total Body Enhancement. Rest your tired muscles and pamper yourself.
Our Black Card members are able to enjoy complimentary use of the Spa.


  • Massage Chairs

    Enjoy the benefits of the soothing recuperative nature of deep tissue kneading. Massage can be used as a means to enhance pre-workout preparation and reduce recovery time by relieving muscle swelling and tension.

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  • Hydro Massage

    HydroMassage provides a convenient way to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage. Travelling jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water allowing you to select the speed and targeted location.

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  • Red Light Therapy

    Our Red Light Therapy booths work to reduce muscle soreness and relieve tightness in the joints. This can also be used independently of exercise, benefiting core strength, muscle tone, and relaxation. The Beauty Angel offers benefits to all users, regardless of age, gender & skin tone with its total body experience.

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  • Private Spray Tans

    This system provides a premium spray tanning experience with 3 spray nozzles for even full-body coverage. Enjoy the private room with an open booth that has a warm, comfortably heated environment that provides an easy and relaxing experience, resulting in a beautiful even tan.

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PF Black Card® Key Tag

Use your key tag to access
exclusive PF Black
Card® amenities.

Black Card Perk

Weekly Private Spray Tanning

Versa Spa provides a premium
spray tan experience for
full body coverage.

Black Card Perk

Use of Massage Chairs

With a PF Black Card®
membership, you can relax and unwind after your workout
(or before - we don’t judge)

Black Card Perk

Red Light Therapy Booths

This all-natural red and infrared
light therapy treatment is a benefit
for PF Black Card® members.

Black Card Perk

Use of HydroMassage

Our PF Black Card® members
can enjoy the relaxing
benefits of a massage!

Black Card Perk

Bring a Guest Anytime During Staffed Hours

Working out is better with a
buddy. PF Black Card® members
can bring a guest for free!

Black Card Perk

Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide

As a PF Black Card® member,
you’ll have the ability to use
any of our 2,000+ locations.

Black Card Perk

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Ready to take advantage of our exclusive Black Card Spa amenities? Upgrade to our Black Card® Membership today and save with two weeks FREE and a $0 upgrade fee!
This offer is available to current Classic Membership holders for a limited time only.
Visit our friendly staff at your club’s front desk to enjoy ALL THE PERKS!

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